Your visit to our office- An overview

This is an overview of what will happen when you come into the office.

Houston- The Paperwork

The first thing that must be done in any office is "the paperwork". This not only insures that your records are as complete and up to date as possible, your government and insurance company insist on it. We have included a link to all the paperwork you will need. This way you can print the forms at your convenience and complete them before coming into the office. If you are unable to print the paperwork, we will be happy to fax them to you.

Neck pain can occur because of anything from holding your neck in a position for too long, to sleeping incorrectly. Your pain can include your shoulder or shoot into your arms and hands. It is important for Dr. McKinnon to determine not only where your pain comes from, but more importantly, why it is there.

Houston- The Exam

Your physical examination will help Dr. McKinnon determine what is really wrong with you. At McKinnon Chiropractic, we do a complete history, orthopedic and neurologic examination to reveal your underlying problem.

Houston- The X-rays

Not everyone needs to have X-rays. If your physical examination is straight forward enough, there is no need to expose you to radiation. But, if Dr. McKinnon determines X-rays are needed to fully understand your condition, she will not hesitate to order them. McKinnon Chiropractic maintains the rigorous standards demanded by the State of Texas in providing for the safety and well being of its citizens. We can take the necessary X-rays right here in the office and Dr. McKinnon will sit with you and go over them.

Houston- The Treatment

One treatment does not fit all, and here at McKinnon Chiropractic we know that with the right information (the exam), we can offer you the right treatment plan. We have several physical modalities to aid in your healing progress.

Houston- The Rehabilitation/ Corrective Exercises

It is important to strengthen and lengthen your muscles. We achieve this goal by using exercises to correct our patient's weaknesses and improve their health and well being.

Houston- Massage Therapy

Massage, bodywork and somatic therapies are defined as an application of various techniques to the muscular structure and soft tissues of the human body. We offer our patients a certified massage therapist to enhance their options for recovery and improve their overall quality of life. McKinnon Chiropractic's massage therapist works directly with Dr. McKinnon to insure the best technique and application for each individual patient.