Houston Chiropractic Conditions Treated

Here are only a few of the many conditions that McKinnon Chiropractic can help you with. Please do not hesitate to call us or visit our office today if you have questions regarding a condition, or some other type of pain that is not listed here.

There are many alternatives to being in pain. Give Houston chiropractor, Dr. McKinnon, a call today for more information!

"Houston, we have a problem." Low Back Pain

Consistent pain or back pain that comes and goes can be draining and make your life miserable. We can help relieve your pain whether it is caused by an injury, pinched nerve, or misalignment of the spine. From pain that stays in your low back or radiates into your buttocks and legs, we will find a treatment that works for you.

Houston, Whiplash and Neck Pain

Whiplash often occurs as a result of a car accident, but what many people do not know is that it can also be caused by countless other situations, as mild as they may seem when they happen. All 'whiplash' really means is the damage that is incurred to the neck when your head is jerked forward and backward quickly. Whiplash most commonly produces pain and muscle spasm, but frequently may include many other symptoms. Many people dismiss the pain thinking that the soreness will go away on its own. Even a broken bone that is not "set" will eventually heal, but it will not heal correctly. Dr. McKinnon, a Houston area Chiropractor, will be able to determine whether treatment for whiplash is needed so you will not be suffering from the injury in the future.

Neck pain can occur because of anything from holding your neck in a position for too long, to sleeping incorrectly. Your pain can include your shoulder or shoot into your arms and hands. It is important for Dr. McKinnon to determine not only where your pain comes from, but more importantly, why it is there.

Houston, A City of Sports Injuries

In the Houston area, sports injuries aren't always as simple as a sprained ankle, stretched ligament or broken bone. They often require attentive chiropractic care and rehabilitation to mend properly without leaving long-term damage and pain. If you have been injured while practicing your favorite sport here in Houston, McKinnon Chiropractic may be able to help.

Houston, Headaches and Migraines

Occasional headaches are common and most people take a couple of aspirin and forget about them. If, however, you find yourself suffering from headaches or migraines frequently, you may have a more serious, underlying condition that should be evaluated and treated by Dr. McKinnon. The stresses of driving in Houston, whiplash, pinched nerves and misaligned spines can often cause chronic or frequent headaches and migraines, so getting a professional opinion is strongly recommended.

Houston, Dizziness

Dizziness alone could be a specialty in the medical field. There are many causes for dizziness, but one of the most common is irritation of the small facet joints in your neck. If you are suffering with “vertigo” or dizziness, see Dr. McKinnon and find out if your dizziness can be resolved with Chiropractic care.

Houston, Arthritic Pain

If you are in the Houston area with chronic arthritic pain, you may have been told that your only option for relief is to manage your pain by taking pain killers as needed. You may be surprised to learn that Dr. McKinnon can, in many cases, bring you blessed relief from arthritic pain without prescribing costly medication.